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Galveston's Secret Healing Phenomena

While many turn to Galveston for fun, great food, and historic sites, few realize that tucked away on the corner of 23rd and O, healing miracles ship out the door daily, headed to people across the USA and to other countries, to help heal and improve conditions, often after nothing else has worked.

The founder/owner/manager of Med-Actil was in the right places at the right times to learn about the ointments and gels being developed and manufactured by a brilliant, benevolent physician/surgeon in beautiful Costa Rica. His products were producing outstanding, often unheard of results, frequently after conventional treatments had failed to produce healing. He was healing old, open, serious wounds and reversing topical infections. He was changing lives.

Based on his original product, Polyactil, for healing wounds, controlling infection and reducing pain from burns, cuts, incisions and more, this amazing doctor went on to produce highly-effective, kindred products for many purposes, from bleeding gums and cavities, nail fungus, and muscle and joint pain, to feminine care, skin beauty, and more.

Sold only in Costa Rica and online from our location right here in Galveston, these products are touching lives and affordably helping people heal better, faster, and with less pain. Based on replicating the way the body provides its own healing power, these products are safe and amazingly effective.




Med-Actil health and beauty products

Our most popular product is Complete Oral Care. We call it Complete because it handles all of our oral care needs: plaque, tartar, cavities, brightening, gum disease, bleeding gums, periodontal pockets, sensitivity, oral sores, and, oh my, what it does for breath.

Even morning breath is improved with consistent use!

Want to come by and learn more?

Call ahead and we will put on the coffee ...

Costa Rican coffee of course!


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