Med-Actil advanced healing

 Unlike Any Other Healing Concept

Med-Actil is where you turn when effectiveness matters

Where Science Meets Nature

Two Very Important Words...


Simply stated, our products have frequently induced healing after all other products had failed. Imagine what it can do for ordinary household or work-related injuries. Our products are totally innovative and were originally designed to not only provide superior healing but also to work bio-compatibly with your body. 


Via our exclusive blending technology, our products deliver the ingredients to your tissue for a longer-lasting, deeper-penetrating, more highly-effective treatment.

Superior healthcare products


Unlike mainstream pharmaceuticals, our products work in “Bioharmony” with the body, responding to adverse conditions very much like the body itself responds: To stop excessive bleeding, address infection, reduce pain and promote healing. 


So as our bodies are naturally conducting these actions, our products accelerate and amplify the process.  Thus you feel less pain and heal much faster with protection from or reversal of infections and with less scarring.

From Our Lab

“We were always committed to finding a better treatment for healing, void of the downsides of what was offered in other over-the-counter and prescription drugs. We have surpassed that goal. We achieved not only a better healing treatment, but indeed, a treatment that performs faster and more thoroughly, while reducing inflammation and pain, and supporting a proper microbial balance for fewer side effects and better overall health.”  … Dr. Enrique Feoli, Physician/Surgeon/Instructor/Author/Head of Research and Development of Bioacyl Corp.

Our Promise to You

We are truly here to help.  We are committed to helping you heal, faster, with less pain.  We are dedicated to customer service, to supporting you in your journey to a healthier life.  We will answer your questions and go the extra mile to assure your healing success. We always ship the next business day morning. 


What People Are Saying

I am very grateful for such wonderful products. The concern and service ethic of Med-Actil is remarkable.  I can't praise the people of this company or their products highly enough.
F.S., Oakland California

Med-Actil isn’t just about their unique products. They make it about so much more with their caring attitude and great customer service. ...
L.H., Ohio

Thank you for being my “angel on earth”. I’m
grateful for your wonderful products that have
helped me heal in so many different ways and for your time, kindness and teaching me so much. …
Angelica, Florida

I love working with Med-Actil. The products are
wonderful and they answer my questions with
compassion. They have helped me when PT and
other medical services failed. …

Kimmy, Texas