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Periactil Tooth, Gum and Breath Gel
For advanced oral hygiene

LEADING EDGE for oral hygiene … even after dental procedures and surgery

Product Description
Periodontal pouches allow harmful bacteria to invade the whole body. From bad breath to gingivitis, from cavities to periodontal disease, the improvements in your oral health via proper hygiene will astound you.


Periactil Tooth and Gum Gel goes far beyond the usual oral products. It helps to protect your mouth, teeth and gums with an advanced method of utilization of xylitol carried in our special matrix. Via Superior Polyelectrolyte Technology, the action of xylitol adheres to oral surfaces for long lasting protection.


Our matrix is formulated using our proprietary BioHarmony technology, which allows beneficial microbes to thrive and protect your mouth and body, even overnight, for fresher breath and relief from dry mouth. Add it to your usual dental routine to help ward off a multitude of new oral problems.


For optimum results, use the Periactil Precondition Kit, which contains one pre-cleaner to prepare the oral surfaces for Periactil’s maximum performance as well as containing one tube of Periactil.

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Pack of 3 - $45.00 - $55.50

Free Domestic Shipping

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Med-Actil is the best

My mom had Alzheimer’s and was bed-ridden for 7 years.  Polyactil and Petroactil were a God-send. They prevented her from getting bed sores since she could not move at all.  Periactil and Complete Oral Care are fantastic, too.  I was so happy to have found these products when I was having such a hard time taking care of her.  I tell all my friends to visit this website  Med-Actil is the best.

- LL (Massachusetts)

Great for easing pain

When I have issues with burning tongue syndrome, Periactil greatly eases the pain.

- J.F (Oakland Park FL)

Best stuff I have ever seen for teeth

Best stuff I have ever seen for teeth. Had gum problems.  After six months twice a day. My gum problems are all but gone. Now I just use it once a day at bedtime to keep my teeth in good health.

- Albee (New York)



Resolved my oral infection

I, along with many others I've shared this with, have had toothache infections gone within a few days or less, and have kept many of us from having to go to an emergency room. I'm not saying not to have it looked at, but I've known far too many people that were at that point prior to trying this, and it put them having to seek treatment off by as much or more than 6 months!

- Jeff Waugh (Jenks OK)



Drastic difference in healing

My mother uses this since she has had all her teeth pulled over the last year....and is now adjusting to dentures. She almost ran out and was in a panic. She says it makes a drastic difference in healing the sores in her mouth!

- Sharon Fisk



Made a big difference in my gum health

This product has made a big difference in my gum health! They are no longer swollen and red and my breath is fresher!

- Deborah L. Bigelow



Great for oral swelling

Very good product.  Quickly brings down the swelling and redness in the gum line, overnight.  I find the cooling sensation very comforting.

- Relived (Pittsburgh PA)



Amazing product

Great Product! I will buy it again! Amazing product I'll recommend this to my friends! Thanks a lot! J

- Victor Ramirez



Makes teeth feel so clean

I used the Periactil and the result is amazing. Your teeth feel and look so clean and my gums are pink and healthy.

- Ltp “Lillian” (Indianapolis IN)



Great Stuff

This is a great product.  I would recommend to anyone who is dealing with gum concerns.

-Hadley Proud (South Hadley, MA)



Get rid of morning breath and bleeding gums

This product is nothing short of amazing. No morning breath!  It completely eliminates that awful taste in your mouth in the morning and stops bleeding gums! I use it twice a day after brushing my teeth… It is fantastic. This product just works, and I am buying more today.

- Linda Marsha (York PA)



The blood stopper

This product was purchased after I had a bridge installed. I was having a problem with the fit and bleeding. Periactil actually shrinks the tissue and stops the flow of the red menace. If you have a problem with bleeding gums after flossing, this can  work miracles. I still can't believe how good this works. I'm working on my third tube and consider it part of regular gum/tooth maintenance. My bite and lower teeth were a mess and this stuff keeps me stable.

- “Karaoke Junkie” (Staten Island NY)



It works

I have always brushed my teeth but had problems with bleeding gums. I noticed a significant decrease in problems and gums looked healthier by the second day.  Great product.  Thank you

- Happy Mom (USA)



Big reduction in plaque and perio pockets

We have read that xylitol helped fight plaque and gum pain.  We tried it and it helped my wife with her gum pain.  I notice in my next checkup that my plaque was way down (per my hygienist) and my pockets were not as deep.  I also had a tooth extracted and it helped the healing and minimized the pain.  We will keep using it.  I think is it great.

- Jay K. McAlevy (Tucson AZ)



Great for kids

Fantastic product. I have two kids and making sure they brush their teeth well is hard.  I use Periactil twice a day with my kids -  they got used to a new routine with no problems.  The gel is not too strong and we all use it every day.  My kids' teeth sparkle after they put it on. I will continue to buy it.

- Ulka (no location stated)



Dentist impressed

I have been using this for 3 months and I have seen improvement with my gums and even the dentist could not believe how clean my teeth were.  Just try it and I bet it will not disappoint.

- Denyse Roberts (Philadelphia PA)



Oral problems gone!

I use several products from this company, Periactil being one of them.  I’m really impressed by the change in my gums.  They used to bleed (despite faithful brushing and flossing) and I had gaps between my teeth and gums that were really sensitive and sometimes would get inflamed.  No more.  All problems are GONE and my gums are firm and pink and healthy looking with no gaps.  My whole family uses it and we use extra after a good hardy Italian meal for the garlic breath smell.  It works!  Also if one of us is getting a sore throat or sinus problem, we all use it and it really seems to help, especially for pain and swelling.  My toddler is asthmatic and we are really careful with him, but he loves it and does well with it.  He uses Neumactil from this company too and it is really good for asthma and breathing.  I recommend all their products.

- B. Garcia (New Orleans)



Plaque just broke away

Periactil is the BEST ever to help eliminate plaque buildup.  I have used it for this purpose and the results are fast and amazing.  I was surprised that even small pieces of plaque build-up began to break away after only a few weeks use.  I will continue to use Periactil now and in the future.  A satisfied customers!!  You will be too!!

- G. Klug (Clear Lake TX)



I love this stuff

Excellent.  I love this stuff.  It works great on my teeth.

- Happy customer (Elko, NY)



Gum surgery cancelled

For the first time I feel as though I have stopped my gum disease.  I didn’t want surgery because my insurance would have only paid one-third.  This product does exactly what it says and I can’t wait to go see my dentist.

- Unnamed (Canencro LA)



Believe it!

Add my name to the list of believers.  This product is the best.  Periactil cleared everything “up” and I am good to go.  Kudos!

-McMinnville OR



Fresh Breath

So effective. Peractil has a refreshing taste and extremely effective again bad breath.

-Fresh Breath (New Ulm, TX)



It works

First, I will let you know that I’m skeptical.  I’m very picky, and I don’t like stuff for the sake of liking it.  I had a problem with my gums for a long time.  They were inflamed and would bleed every time I brushed my teeth.  I had the beginnings of periodontal disease.  I was concerned that if I didn’t do something about it, I’d have big problems.  I searched for some anti-gingivitis products and found Periactil.  I decided to try it, as its main ingredient was xylitol and it wasn’t too pricey.  I’m very happy I did.  This is my 3rd day of using the product, and my gums are pink and healthy looking for the first time in a long time. 

-- “Through Lupine Eyes” (USA)



Big Improvement in dental health and no new cavities!

At the time of my most recent dental checkup, I had used Periactil for about five months.  Usually my gums bleed during checkups, but not this time.  Also, there was no indication of cavities starting! Wonderful!  My dentist was thrilled!  By contrast, my partner (who has not used the product) had gum disease requiring antibiotics.  Even without daily use, my improvement was significant.  Usually I’ve had problematic gums and “let’s monitor this so it doesn’t become a cavity” … what a different!  Highly recommended.

- Shannon (Oakland CA)


Item Weight:

This product contains a 1.4 oz. tube of Periactil Xylitol Gel


Oral health and hygiene

sorbitol, xylitol, modified starch, glycerin, phosphate buffer, hydroxyethylcellulose, menthol, carrageenan gum, xanthan gum, pectin, agaroid gum, salicylic acid, cetostearyl alcohol, q.s. 100g deionized purified water


After brushing & flossing as usual, distribute Periactil to teeth and gums. For post dental application, simply apply Periactil. Follow directions provided with package. Do not use mouthwash as it will eliminate some of the benefits of Periactil.

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