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Unique Effective Asthma Relief

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About the Product:

  • Rave reviews from asthmatics

  • Massage in and relax - Immediate action

  • Begin with 2 or 3 times per day

  • Over a 3 to 6 month period, customers need to use it less

  • Testing shows 100% positive test results

  • No reported side effects; no steroids; no antibiotics

  • Asthma white paper: click here

Product Description:
Neumactil is based on leading edge medical technologies to relax the chest area and strengthen respiratory tissues.  Massage on upper chest at the first signs of a pending asthma attack to lessen the severity or stop the attack all together.  Massage on upper chest twice daily to restore respiratory tissue integrity and reduce your number of asthma episodes.  In 3 to 6 months, episodes should be rare or eliminated.  See the White Paper linked above, paying particular attention to Page 7 showing that 30 participants in the study all has very positive responses.  Neumactil also excellent for relief of COPD, bronchitis, respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis, flu, and pneumonia and is excellent for smoker’s cough. To use for any cough, including smoker’s cough, massage at base of throat, between collar bones.  Initially coughing will increase for a minute or two as histamines are released from the body, then coughing will great reduce or stop all together.

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Breathing Problems Cured

I know this sounds too good to be true, I have always been skeptical of accounts like this and here I am writing one.  This is one amazing product which has brought so much health and peace to my family. It is an answer to many sleepless tearful nights of prayer. I have been treating my son with Neumactil for over three years. At 15 months he developed Reactive Airway Disease and had to use breathing treatments and steroids, also oral prescription allergy meds. After 4 years of sleepless nights , during allergy and illness seasons, my sister, who is a nurse practitioner , had read about Neumactil, so I ordered it. I noticed an 60% improvement in his nighttime episodes immediately and it improved in two months to 80% .  We now have permanent 100% improvement, no more nighttime episodes or daytime for that matter. We started using only Neumactil and Benadryl (which is over the counter). Spring came and I was worried, he could get very critical in the spring......NOTHING happened.  I treated him with Neumactil everyday through that spring season and did not even have to give oral over-the-counter meds.  It was too good to be true I thought, it can't last. I thought, well we will see in the fall.  He is always at his worst in the fall. Again, fall came; it was one of the worst seasons ever for many people.  No problems with breathing whatsoever.  I was applying to chest and nose daily. I ALWAYS have Neumactil at home and in my bag, I keep several tubes on hand at all times and have recommended it to scores of people.  Oh by the way, my sister, the nurse practitioner, has always had breathing problems and has been on an inhaler for 40 years, and had to quit work early every day about 2pm because she would suffer extended coughing after that hour each day. Her Pulse O2 has never been over 90%, when she started using Neumactil, within 5 minutes she recorded the highest Pulse O2's of her lifetime in the 97% range, she was shocked. She now can work straight through those former critical hours with no problem. This product FULLY delivers what they say it does and more. I spend about $100.00 a year on it. I used to spend $600-$900, on co-pays for doctor visits and drugs but his condition was getting worse and costing more. Furthermore I feel wonderful that I am not polluting my child with heavy drugs, so his long term health will benefit. Neumactil really is a TRULY life changing product.

-Elizabeth (Amazon Shopper)


It works!

I'm not sure why, but this product really helps. Rub it on and relax. Use it before bedtime and you can sleep the night away without waking up. Thanks for this product.

-Norma Delia (USA)



This product is the REAL DEAL for asthma relief - unbelievable!

My husband has suffered from asthma since childhood. During his last bout, which was going on for several weeks, I desperately began searching for something to give him relief. He felt like he was drowning all the time. I ordered Neumactil, but I did not have much hope. When the product arrived, he rubbed some on his chest as directed, and looked at me like, "Ok, I've humored you." Then after a few minutes, much to his surprise, his chest relaxed and his symptoms stopped for the first time in weeks. He couldn't believe it. It's been just under 2 weeks. This is remarkable. I've just ordered 3 more tubes, so he will have a spare, and for my 2 sons to try as well. I highly recommend that you give this product a try. Their customer service is prompt and courteous, and they are the REAL DEAL!

-D.L. Kent (Oakland CA)



Five Stars for Neumactil

I used it 3 times a day at first & tapered off to once a day & then every other day seems to work well for me. In the fall when I have more trouble breathing, I go back to 1 or 2 times a day. I find I need an inhaler less often when using this product.

-L. Pardick (USA)



Neumactil is a wonderful product

Neumactil has worked well for both my husband & me. I have noticed a very positive effect since using Neumactil. My husband uses it when he mows and his chest doesn't tighten up. Also since he has tried Neumactil, he hasn't used his inhaler for a long time. Thank you for making this product. We have been very pleased with the results!

-L. Won (Amazon Shopper)



Topical Ointment ... Who would have thought?!

Amazing! Just a God-send! TRY THIS!!! You can thank me later!

-FYI (Amazon Shopper)



Worth the price

I've been using this product for almost two years now and rarely have any issue at all anymore. I don't have severe asthma or even use an inhaler anymore. It started working within a few weeks of using and now use it only 2 or 3 times a week.

-J. Fisher (S. Dakota)



Have been using Neumactil for three months

I bought this for my fiancé because he has asthma attacks at night a lot and can't sleep. He really likes it. We were skeptical at first because in the past he has just had to get up and get his inhaler, but now he puts this on before bed to help relax and (if he can remember to) in the mornings. Now, he can sleep all night. He said he even felt it working the first night. I used it on my throat and chest during a recent cold and it helped me relax my chest. It really works! I’m glad I have found something for him that has no side effects and is highly effective. He still needs his inhaler for bigger attacks but he says that this has helped him a lot with keeping it under control.

-Luvbug (Amazon Shopper)



So far so good - cautiously optimistic

I ordered this to try on my 4 year old who has been suffering with her asthma the past couple of months. She went to bed tonight after a nebulizer treatment and was still coughing and phlegmy. She woke up after about 45 minutes with an attack of wheezing and coughing again. I decided to put Neumactil on her to help her relax and watched her while she slept for about 5 minutes, I saw a difference; and then again 30 minutes later... Her breathing has calmed *significantly*.

-Sava (Amazon Shopper)



Helps with asthma

I think this Neumactil seems to be helping with my asthma symptoms! I will continue to use this product and will be ordering more in the future!

-Tina Dineen




I was a user of Primatene and i was going nuts looking for something thing to help me.  I found Neumactil; the price was good, the reviews were good, so I ordered it. I was having a bad asthma attack.  I looked in the mail and there it was.  I put Neumactil on within minutes I was relaxed and breathing.  I love this stuff.

-Christina (Amazon Shopper)



When Spring started I used Neumactil and now I only take it once in a while

I have had some bad tightness spells and used the rub twice a day for about 3 days. After that I just take it when my wheezing is out of hand at night. Wonderful product.

-Jean Marie Baker (USA)



Neumactil is great

I have very bad allergies and asthma. After applying Neumactil on my chest and neck, I relax and then shortness of breath is gone within 30 minutes. This product is great and really works.
- Rose C  (USA)



Really helps

I would recommend this to anyone with breathing problems. Has made my use of an inhaler very minimal. Great product.

-Mary (USA)



NEUMACTIL ..This medication works and rocks !!

Neumactil blows me out with the stunning results . My wife extends her warmest thanks to you for Neumactil. She used to boil fruits before eating them. Now , she is enjoying the natural bite and flavor to all fruits. She threw away her Ventolin Vapo which I have never believed she will survive without it. Amazing!!  This product rocks really. God bless you ..Thank you

-Selfleuron (USA)



This works very well!!

I researched this product. I've had asthma since an infant, so I use it before bedtime and do not wake up in the night gasping for breath.  This is my new best friend, day or night.

-Semosieron (USA)



Works Great

I ordered this for my Mom cause she has shortness of breath at times. She used this, relaxed, and she saw a difference right away.

-L. Preddy (USA)

Item Weight:

This product contains a 1.4 oz. tube of Neumactil


Chest massage



Carbopol, phosphate buffer, methyl paraben, propylene glycol, propyl paraben, cetostearyl alcohol, purified de-mineralized water


Allergy warning: 

This product no longer contains menthol.



Place a dab the size of a pea on your fingertips.  Massage over chest until completely absorbed.  Sit back, relax and breathe easy! 


If you are a person with asthma or another lung condition seeking this product based on the testimonials from other sufferers of lung conditions, please understand that Med-Actil is not yet allowed to advertise this product as a lung treatment.

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