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No harmful side effects, safer ways of healing, health and beauty


Ointments and Creams to keep your body healthy and happy.

When we learned about these revolutionary healing products we knew we had to be part of bringing them forward to the world ... It's a better, safer, more natural way of healing.  We knew our company had to be of the finest character to deserve this opportunity.
















We treat our customers, vendors, employees and associates the way we want to be treated.
It's our mission!  We try to stand up for and to do what's right and good, for our planet and the people on it.

Our word is our bond.
If it's not positive, it doesn't belong in our company.
Lack of competence is becoming too commonplace.  We vow not to be part of that. 
Try our innovative healing products with no harmful side effects

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The Med-Actil group of products has been producing remarkable results in many areas of beauty, health and healing.  Based on our safe and effective Superior Polyelectrolyte Technology and Bio-Harmony, we are offering this innovative group of treatments which have an amazing ability to heal rapidly, to fight infection, and to control pain, without harmful side effects.   Utilizing scientific advancements, our products react with the body’s natural healing mechanisms to correct imbalances on a cellular level. This innovation stimulates the body to naturally produce hormones, antigens and biochemical reactions that stimulate healing both on and inside cells, thus promoting both health and beauty.

 Superior Polyelectrolyte Technology - Superior Polyelectrolyte Technology is a new, safe and effective way of building a matrix to carry standard active ingredients in a way to make them more effective … highly more effective … through longer, slower release on the surface or deeper penetration into tissue. 

Bio-Harmony - Bio-Harmony is the way our formulas work compatibly with the micro-environment that normally thrives on and in our bodies.  Our cells are meant to intuitively heal the tissue they constitute and even control inflammation and pain naturally.  The matrix of our products works to maintain an ideal, stable balanced environment for our cells to perform their natural physiological processes, thus maintaining or restoring health and beauty.  This includes allowing beneficial microbes to thrive and battle bacteria as natures intends.  Thus our products work in harmony with our cells, our microbes and the entire micro-system to avoid side effects and keep us in peak health. Through Superior Polyelectrolyte Technology and Bio-Harmony, our products have been producing REMARKABLE results in many areas of health and beauty.  Based on these technologies, Med-Actil offers these innovative products which have exhibited an outstanding ability to rapidly control discomfort and promote natural healing.  




 Med-Actil is dedicated to the introduction of these truly revolutionary products to the people of the world.  We are currently privately-held and woman-owned.  We adhere to strict policies of employee fairness and participation.  We extend tremendous gratitude to our loyal employees, contractors, customers, and supporters.  Together we will make a difference.

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