Polyactil-N/Petroactil Bundle

Ultimate Wound Care

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This bundle contains a 1.6 oz tube of Polyactil-N and a 1 oz tube of Petroactil


Get both the extreme power of Polyactil-N and the gentle action of Petroactil, combined for optimum efficacy.


Product Description
Your purchase includes one Polyactil-N and one Petroactil, combined for an advanced system skin protection. When used as instructed, the result is a dramatic improvement. Free of antibiotics and hormones. No side effects.

Based on new scientific advancements, this combination is outstanding for cuts, burns, chapped skin, sports injuries, general first aid and OFTEN is effective when other products have failed for severe wounds, old wounds that have resisted healing, and deep raw wounds.  From simple problems like summer or winter skin exposure to critical issues like surgical incisions, Polyactil-N and Petroactil work synergistically to bring comfort and healing, safely.  By placing Petroactil directly on the owound and the bandage, gentle relief and non-sticking are key; then layer Polyactil-N over the Petroactil to boost the healing power and efficacy by slowing releasing the active ingredient action through the Petroactil layer ... for hours of superior protection, healing and pain control.

Best first aid


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Open wound below eye


Open wound healing process


Severe Wound Healing Transformation.png



Close Call

Here are my Before & After Polyactil-N / Petroactil Photos

Med-Actil is who I called following a parrot's talon barely missing my eyeball while on vacation.  I wanted to make sure I was using the safest ointment possible to make sure I would not develop infection or have scarring under this eye...my only good eye.  As you can see, thanks to Polyactil-N/Petroactil there is zero scarring.  I used Polyactil-N alone at first (mostly because I didn't have any Petroactil on hand).  This took care of about 90% of healing.  The remainder was taken care of by a Polyactil-N/Petroactil combo as recommended.  Thank you so much!

Though they are amazing birds and should never be caged...please don't get too close to parrots!  Ouch!

-RTK (Washington, DC)
















Deep Gash

Aug 30th I had to go to the hospital and get stitches in my forehead. The wound at very deep and pretty wide. Mortified at the location of the cut, I became very diligent about applying Petroactil and Polyactil-N everyday. I will let the pictures do all of the talking. After six months, my scar is gone. Please if you have a scar, open wound, or skin that needs healing call Med-Actil at (409)-621-1255, or email them at info@medactil.com.  They are very helpful and these products are amazing.

- Buffie G







Med-Actil is the best.

My mom had Alzheimer’s and was bed-ridden for 7 years.  Polyactil and Petroactil were a God-send. They prevented her from getting

bed sores since she could not move at all.  Periactil and Complete Oral Care are fantastic, too.  I was so happy to have found these products when I was having such a hard time taking care of her.  I tell all my friends to visit this website  Med-Actil is the best.

- LL (Massachusetts)

Polyactil and Petroactil to the Rescue

I purchased this bundle based on my positive experience with other products from Med-Actil. I didn't need to use it for a few months, until two weeks ago. I scarred badly in a sensitive area and automatically tried to solve the problem with some old style remedies I have around the house ... not much changed in 4 or 5 days. Then I remembered I bought Polyactil and tried it. I was shocked by the rapid healing: within two days there wasn't even trace of the scars!  I feel the least I can do is to write a review to let others know how good these are, because they can drastically reduce your recovery time and ease your pain much better than many well known medications. I'll definitely keep these products very visible in my medicine cabinet.

- Flex (Florida)


Great Healing Properties

I have a Pressure wound on my left foot. I'm not diabetic. And pressure wounds are almost impossible to heal quickly, frustrating doctors and patients alike. We tried everything, but nothing worked. And it was complicated by the wound getting inflammed and infected. On my own, I looked into various healing properties and discovered Polyactil/Petroactil. These are both amazing; they keep the infection and inflammation away from the wound (always making certain I change the bandages twice a day.) Used together, they also keep any pain away from the wound. The last few days I've noticed the wound is healing nicely. I would recommend Polyactil and Petroactil highly.

- Adele Chatelain


Helping with Pyoderma Gangrenosum Pain, Healing & Scars

If you are reading this review and you have no clue what Pyoderma Gangrenosum (PG) is, please finish reading this review and then run an internet search on the disease. I am still recovering from a bilateral outbreak of PG and the combination of Polyactil with Petroactil helped with the pain & healing process. Polyactil/Petroactil used in conjunction with Manuka Honey 550+ made a big difference in the speed of healing the lesions based on the surprise expressed by my wound care MD yesterday. The doctor and the attending nurse both commented that I was making remarkable progress compared to other PG cases they had seen.

My PG lesions are in a variety of stages - some are still wounds, some have scabbed over, some have sloughed off the scab and newly formed pink skin has made an appearance. The Polyactil/Petroactil combo is keeping everything comfortable and moisturized on the skin's surface, has promoted healing (verified by a Medical Doctor who specializes in wound care!) and it appears it will even reduce the appearance of the scars with continued use. I have just ordered another bundle, having ordered the first one in February. Amazing products from a remarkable company, Med-Actil.



The New Kitchen Essential - for immediate help with burns and cuts

Below is a photo of a burn victim, Jorge Vasquez, in San Jose, Costa Rica, who spilled hot liquid on his foot.  The "before" photo was taken after two weeks of conventional medical treatment.  The burn obviously was not responding well. With the help of our physician and staff in San Jose, he immediately abandoned the conventional medication and began treatment with Polyactil-N and Petroactil.  The "after" photo is two weeks later, with continuous Polyactil/Petroactil treatment.  Now Jorge considers Polyactil-N and Petroactil as his first aid kit and won't be without it for immediate treatment in the case of kitchen accidents.  He noted that this combo is equally important for home use, especially in homes with children who are prone to accidents.  Jorge, we agreed completely!

Severe burn on foot
Severe burn healing process




Polyactil: Purified de-mineralized water, glycerin, carbopol, orthosilicic acid, phosphate buffer, salicylic acid, diazolidinyl urea, methyl paraben, aloe vera, propyl paraben Petroactil: Purified de-mineralized water, glycerin, white petrolatum, carbopol, orthosilicic acid, phosphate buffer, methyl paraben, chitosan, stearic acid, propyl paraben

Apply topically as directed in product documentation.