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  • Extreme First Aid Power

  • Significantly Reduces Healing Time

  • Super Fast Pain Relief

  • Controls Infection via Microdomain Support

  • Restores Damaged Tissue and Minimizes Scarring

  • Extraordinary Results

  • Contains Allantoin - Super Charged by Our Technology

  • Prolonged Effectiveness


POLYACTIL-N - Redefining "impossible" by healing when nothing else has
Polyactil-N is the product to reach for ... for everything!  Prepare to never want to be without this product, in your medical cabinet, your kitchen drawer, your tool box and purse.  It's the 'go to" product when you need one.  We have taken rather ordinary ingredients and boosted them with our Superior Polyelectrolyte Technology and Bio-Harmony.  This product works with your body to ramp up the healing process and to protect your skin. 
Based on new scientific advancements, Polyactil-N is truly amazing for cuts, burns, chapped skin, sports injuries, general first aid and more.  Plus it is excellent for skin damaged by winter and summer exposure. It is the leading-edge innovation for wound treatment.    
Polyactil-N is water-based to provide soothing relief to the surface of the wound and to deep penetrating relief to underlying tissue.  Being water-based also allows Polyactil-N to provide superior rehydration to dry or damaged skin or lip tissue. 
With our Superior Polyelectrolyte Technology, the active ingredient is released in a controlled manner for long-lasting, highly-effective therapeutic action.  Superior Polyelectrolyte Technology also builds a matrix to boost the power and efficacy of the product.  Thus the formulation of Polyactil-N works synergistically with Allantoin to enhance the soothing impact on the wound.
In addition, the inactive ingredients in Polyactil-N are formulated based on our proprietary Bio-Harmony standard.  Bioacyl Corp. has developed this unique formulation to work compatibly with the micro environment that thrives on and in our bodies.  The cells of our body are meant to intuitively heal the tissue they constitute and control inflammation and pain naturally.  The Polyactil-N matrix works to maintain the body’s ideal, stable, balanced environment to allow our cells to perform their natural physiological function, thus maintaining and/or restoring health.  This includes allowing beneficial microbes to thrive and battle bacteria as nature intends.  While conventional wound treatment contain antibiotics or anti-bacterial agents which destroy this natural delicate balance, Polyactil-N works in harmony with our cells, our microbes and the entire micro-system to avoid side effects and keep us in peak health.  So, while our body is doing its intended healing tasks, Polyactil-N boosts that effect with our active ingredient, Allantoin.
Polyactil-N is free of hormones, antibiotics, steroids and cortisone, yet incredibly effective.  It is appropriate for other open and closed wounds. 

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Pack of 3 Polyactil-N - $67.00 - $74.97

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Superior Wound Care



Surgical Scar

I have a surgical scar that is about 2 years old and have tried dozens of products, including cortisone cream … With Polyactil, the first day I had amazing relief from the constant pain and skin irritation… 

-David (Oakland CA)


Polyactil to the Rescue 

This is an amazing product.  Folks, this product is absolutely amazing.  Within 1 week my staph wound went from the size of an eraser head to the size of the head of a sewing needle. That in itself is quite a closure.  And leakage has gone down tremendously, from a stream to occasional spots. This absolutely works, I guarantee!!!!!!

-Amazon Feedback

Burn Healed

I touched my forearm on my oven rack. I quickly treated with Polyactil-N and after 2 minutes I treated it with Polyactil-N again. After about 10 or 15 minutes, I did a 3rd Polyactil-N treatment. On the same day, my pain was GONE to the point the burn could be touched! I always keep Polyactil-N on hand for immediate first aid to keep the pain down and help me heal faster.

- T.F.

Topical Infection

I had a bacterial skin infection on my face and nothing worked. Within 3 days of using this product the infection and severe redness on my face disappeared. Nothing else worked.  Everything else just irritated made it and made it redder.  I was about to give up. Then I researched Polyactil on Amazon and saw pictures of another woman’s leg infection before and after. I knew then this was the miracle cure.

-Amazon Feedback


Lyme Disease

Lyme disease has left some scars and a few boils, this product (Polyactil) works quickly and efficiently. I wish my Dr. knew about this a year ago.

-William W. Halle (New York NY)


Polyactil for Staph Infection 

I have been fighting a staph infection of my hand for almost 2 years. This product (Polyactil) works as good if not BETTER than the RX prescribed by my PCP and the treatments prescribed by my Dermatologist at HALF the cost of the prescription medication! I cannot begin to say enough about this product.   AMAZING results!   I recommend Polyactil to my family, friends, and my patients.   Thank you !
-Lisa DeLorenzo CCS,BSHCA, CA
Rupert Chiropractic Clinic LLC
Pittsburgh , PA


Dog Bite

This product is amazing!!!  It removes redness, scarring, and even helps with wrinkles!!! My granddaughter was bitten on her face by a dog and required surgery. Her mom was using a product for scarring with little success. I gave her my tube of Polyactil and within a couple of months the redness was all gone!  Now, you cannot see any evidence of the dog bite!!!  We are SOOOO pleased with this wonderful product!!

-Colleen (Dallas TX)


Stopped the Bleeding

Yesterday I was pulling out dead brush along a 40 acres fence line when a 3/8” branch snapped and entered my arm about 4”, uprooting 3” of skin and leaving 1” hanging on the branch. I laid the remaining skin flap back on the open wound and wrapped a clean handkerchief around the bleeding wound and headed to the ranch house about a half mile away. Once there, I cleaned the whole area, trying now to disturb the skin patch area.  By now, my forearm was swelling and bright red. I applied Polyactil-N.  It felt real cool the full length of the wound and stopped the bleeding. It stung a bit and then started to dry up. In 30 or 40 minutes, the redness and the swelling was gone!  Today my arm looks quite normal revealing only the 4” tear line. It feels great! I am applying the Polyactil-N every few hours.

Love that Polyactil-N!

Thank you-all for the best First Aid Kit a cattle rancher can own!

-Frank - Norwood MO

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oven burn testimonial image after.jpg



Item Weight:

This product contains a 1.6 oz. tube of Polyactil-N, Superior Wound Care



For burns, cuts, scrapes, chapped skin, cracked skin and similar first aid treatments.  Also excellent for skin damaged by winter or summer exposure. 



Apply as needed to damaged areas of the skin. Apply as soon as possible, then twice per day or as needed. For burns and other severe injuries, apply immediately, then apply again after two minutes, as your body will rapidly absorb and use the first application to 'kick-start' the healing process. For larger open sores and so-called non-healing wounds, apply Polyactil then immediately apply Petroactil, using this combination at least twice per day. For pores, tone, and beauty, apply after cleansing and before moisturizing with Sedactil or before applying makeup. Safe for all types of skin.



Allantoin 0.5% - Skin Protectant

Other ingredients:  carbomer, diazolidinyl urea, glycerin, methyl paraben, orthosilicic acid, phosphate buffer, propyl paraben, water (q.s.f. 100 g demineralized, purified water), xylitol

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