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Periactil Complete 
The highly effective alternative to ordinary toothpaste

This one product addresses all your oral hygiene issues!
We call it "Complete" for good reason. 

  • Restores Firm, Pink Gums

  • Stops Bleeding Gums with Daily Use

  • Erodes Away Plaque and Tartar

  • Removes Stains and Discolorations

  • Great for Sensitivity

  • Freshens Breath … Even Morning Breath

  • Moisturizes Dry Mouth

  • Fluoride-Free, SLS-Free, Triclosan-Free Protection

Periactil Complete provides superior, scientific oral protection. The Step 1 Deep Cleaning Gel and the Step 2 Tooth, Gum, and Breath Gel in this kit offer you an entirely new way to have the optimum in oral care and freshness. There is truly nothing else like it.  A cleaner mouth is a healthier mouth. 


  • XYLI-BOND is the most advanced methods for delivery and utilization of xylitol as a tooth and gum protective agent. Due to its ability to adhere xylitol to all oral surfaces, it offers far more protection that xylitol toothpaste or gum.  Our gel is blended in a new, unique way called Superior Polyelectrolyte Technology (SPT).  SPT safely extended the effectiveness of xylitol, increasing its power against oral problems and causing xylitol to adhere to oral surfaces for extended periods of time.  Xylitol has been known and used in Europe, Japan and Scandinavian for years for superior oral protection.  Many of us use xylitol gum or toothpaste for 5 minutes of protection, so how about using Periactil Complete for HOURS of xylitol protection! 

  • BIO-HARMONY for compatibility with the natural oral flora that Mother Nature intends to thrive in our mouths.  Like other body parts, the mouth should support a healthy microbiome of beneficial microbes, to naturally control a variety of common oral issues effecting the teeth, gums, and other oral surfaces, as well as breath issues.  Because these beneficial microbes thrive all night long, even morning breath is diminished.

In this easy to use two-tube system, the Deep Cleaning Gel provides a cleaner mouth than ever before, preparing the way for the Tooth, Gum and Breath Gel, which adheres to all oral surfaces for lasting protection, moisture and freshness. 


Periactil Complete

$23.95 each
Free Domestic Shipping

Pack of 3 - $60.00 - $71.85

Free Domestic Shipping

Instructional video on Periactil Complete

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Gum Tissue Regrown
This product has regrown gum tissue around my teeth, something oral surgeons have failed to do in the last five years, thank you.  I love this stuff!
- David Wells

No Cavities with Periactil Complete
January 2014: This is much better than any fluoride toothpaste out there. No cavities so far after changing to these. August 2014:  This duo is very effective in preventing cavities. When used properly, there is no chance for any cavity to build.
- Edwin Sotelo (Vancouver, Canada)

Avoided Expensive Painful Periodontal Work ... Completely
About a year ago, I called Pat at Med-Actil because I had been to my dentist and he checked my gums, etc. and measured between my teeth and gums. He read off numbers like 6 or 8 (the depth of the periodontal pockets).  he said I should have a 1 or 2 and that I needed extensive periodontal work done.  The cost was going to be several hundred dollars for my whole mouth. Pat recommended Periactil Complete which I immediately ordered. I’ve been using it ever since at least twice a day. It only takes a few minutes. I was back at the dentist recently and now my numbers are 1 or 2.  I am thrilled to say the least.  Thanks so much Med-Actil! - DVW
Truly a Game-Changer for my Oral Health (Whitening, Gums and Plaque)
There’s something about the Step 1 Deep Cleaning Gel that clearly helps Periactil Complete work its magic. Additionally, I’ve noticed that my teeth are whiter when I use the Deep Cleaning Gel along with the Step 2 Tooth, Gum, and Breath Gel. And they’re whiter by a lot, more than any of the other whitening toothpastes I’ve tried. This product has really done wonders for my gums and teeth. Plaque build-up and tooth stains are gone, and my gums feel much healthier.
- G. Goat (USA)


Cavity Gone
About 6 months ago I was scheduled to go to my dentist for a checkup and cleaning, as the appointment went on my dentist notified me about having a cavity. My first one ever! The next day I bought Periactil Complete, and started using it religiously. A couple of days ago I attended the dentist again for them to check up on the cavity, but it wasn’t there! My dentist even said that “my teeth were GREAT”.   
I will forever be using Periactil Complete to benefit from its healing properties and you should too.

Periactil Complete is Amazing!
I had not been to the dentist for five years when I broke a tooth. I had been using Periactil Complete for a few months prior. I told him to skip the cleaning and x-rays, just put a crown on the broken tooth. After the permanent crown was finished he did one more x-ray and inspection that normally takes place only AFTER the cleaning and hygienist ($$) are done with me. So he did, like never before. After getting a double inspection, HE WAS AMAZED. He wanted to know how this was possible. “Periactil Complete, the miracle tooth/mouth care product.” Before the Periactil Complete, I had lots of tartar buildup, pain, fuzzy feeling teeth. After days/weeks of using the Tooth, Gum, and Breath Gel, WOW. CRAZY CLEAN teeth, gum lines, mouth. Removed a lot of old stains that I never dreamed possible, too. After 56 years of dental products and problems, Periactil is the best news ever! A HUGE thanks to makers/dealers of Periactil Complete for a truly amazing product. If I only could of had it from the start.
- G.Wallace (USA

Love the product!
I have been looking for a product to help me with my extremely sensitive teeth and gums and this product definitely helps. My gums get very sensitive when I eat certain acidic foods and fruits and so I use this product after eating and instantly my gums will feel better. One thing I love about Amazon is that you can find products like these that you would never even know existed if you just had to rely on just what you can find at your local grocery store!
- Maddy

Well, shut my mouth, it's the real deal!
I am amazed! Before my first purchase I could hardly believe all the glowing reviews but the cost was low and worth the risk to try. I am so glad i did. After 3 months of use (that's how long one package lasts for me) my next cleaning was truly miraculous. Every pocket (I have/had a dozen) decreased in size either a little or a lot, every single one! I brought the box to my dentist's office on my subsequent visit so they could research and learn more about this. I am on my 4th purchase and have recommended this to several friends. This will remain a regular part of my dental health routine. This product combined with Squiggles toothpaste (both containing xylitol) has my canker sores finally under control. My mush was mess but is no more. Thank goodness!
- Debrina

Amazing Stuff! (Tighten Loosened Teeth, Breath, Bleeding Gums)
I was having a lot of problems with my teeth being sore, bleeding, loose teeth and receding gums etc.  So after much much prayer, I believe I was led to this product. I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. Immediate results! I fell in love with it the first day. It made my mouth feel so clean, but what else would it do? 2 days I noticed the bleeding has lessened. After a few more days, the bleeding had stopped completely. Note: I've had bleeding gums for YEARS!!! So after a few more days I noticed where my tongue would always feel the exposed teeth back by my wisdom tooth, was starting to feel gum again. I was absolutely shocked. I read that this couldn't happen. But it did. It was actually growing the gum back around my exposed teeth. And then I noticed the 2 loosed teeth I had at the bottom were becoming more stable.

Now my condition was a lot worse than most. I probably should have gone to the dentist to get a good cleaning first, but if you can catch it before it gets to bad, this product will absolutely do it. Oh and to add, NO MORE BAD BREATH. WOW! And without mouthwash. I'm on my third tube now and I ran out a couple of days before it came and my teeth did not feel the same clean. I am an absolute fan.
- Happy Customer

Enamel Rebuilt
I bought Periactil Complete to try to strengthen and rebuild my enamel. My teeth look much stronger now, actually they appear thicker. My teeth used to absorb stains from coffee and wine very easily. That is NOT the case anymore. Also, I have no bleeding or gum sensitivity. My gums are very strong and beautiful now. Excellent product.

- Amazon Shopper

Gum Health Restored, Bleeding Stopped..
My gums were red and swollen and I could wiggle them in between my teeth with my tongue. … I bought Periactil Complete and have used it for about 6 weeks … my gums are now pink, not swollen, they seem to have reattached to my teeth.… They no longer bleed.
- Valerie Ward (Eielson AFB, AK)

Item Weight:
This kit contains a 1.4-oz tube of Step 1 Deep Cleaning Gel and a 1.4-oz tube of Step 2 Tooth, Gum, and Breath Gel

Oral health and hygiene, cavity protection, bleeding gums, gingivitis, periodontal pouches/pockets, teeth brightening and whitening without bleaches or abrasives, dry mouth, oral pain, sensitivity, oral biome protections, bad breath, morning breath


Periactil Complete Deep Cleaning Gel:  xylitol, sorbitol, phosphate buffer, pectin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, gellan gum, sorbic acid, diazolidinyl urea, xanthan gum, tara gum, q.s. 100g deionized purified water
Periactil Complete Tooth Gum and Breath Gel: sorbitol, xylitol, modified starch, glycerin, phosphate buffer, hydroxyethyl cellulose, carrageenan gum, menthol,  xanthan gum, agaroid gum, pectin, salicylic acid, cetostearyl alcohol, cetostearyl ether, q.s. 100g deionized purified water

Brush teeth with regular toothpaste if you wish. Rinse mouth and toothbrush.. Brush with Step 1 Deep Cleaning Gel. Rinse. Put dab of Step 2 Tooth, Gum, and Breath Gel on tongue and distribute to gums, teeth, jaws. Harmless if excess is swallowed.
DO NOT USE MOUTHWASH; most mouthwashes contain alcohol or other agents that kill not only the bad bacteria but also the good microbes which should be allowed to flourish in your mouth.  Mouthwash is not needed when using the Periactil Complete, which provides superior breath and hygiene without using mouthwash.

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