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Topical Moisture and Lubrication

Moisturize raw, sensitive, damaged skin. Keep bandages from sticking.

Product Description
Petroactil has been formulated for topical application on wounds and damaged skin needing hydration. Petroactil does this by simultaneously maintaining the active ingredients of Polyactil on the surface of the wound, while simultaneously delivering the ingredients gradual, in a controlled manner to the deep layers tissue. The result is amazing. May also be used to prevent bandages from sticking to the skin and damaged area.

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Great Healing Properties
I have a Pressure wound on my left foot. I'm not diabetic. And pressure wounds are almost impossible to heal quickly, frustrating doctors and patients alike. We tried everything, but nothing worked. And it was complicated by the wound getting inflamed and infected. On my own, I looked into various healing properties and discovered Polyactil/Petroactil. These are both amazing; they keep the infection and inflammation away from the wound (always making certain I change the bandages twice a day.) Used together, they also keep any pain away from the wound. The last few days I've noticed the wound is healing nicely. I would recommend Polyactil and Petroactil highly.
- Adele C



What a God-Send for My Elderly Dad

My mother is using Petroactil and Polyactil-N for my dad who is in an assisted living home and is not mobile. The hospice nurse made a point of telling my mother how quickly this has worked for the skin on his bottom. She said it worked right away on his broken and blistering skin from sitting in one place too long or not being changed frequently enough. I'll spare you photos but in just one day you can visibly see the skin healing over. I have pics from just one day to the next day. I was so scared when I saw the pic, I thought it looked necrotic and I was alarmed. So I got my mom using both Polyactil-N and Petroactil together immediately for better, quicker results. And that is exactly what happened. We didn't have to take him to the doctor which was such a relief as I thought it was an emergency the way his skin looked. It looked so painful. So, I'm feeling much better now after we got this duo on his butt. No one wants to see their loved ones in pain. I must say Med-Actil is a tremendous company. I personally use the Periactil Kit daily and keep a tube of Polyactil handy in the kitchen in the event of a cut or burn and now I'm trying another product they make because of the trust I have in this company.
- Blossom


Superior wound care - fast healing - love this product!

This is by far, the best wound treatment I have found. It has healed many diabetic wounds for me and it is the best product on the market. I have tried many other wound care products but none can beat Polyactil-N/Petroactil.
- Sue

It's Doing a Good Job

I've been using this for several months to treat my quadriplegic son's pressure sore. It's doing a good job. We haven't tried the Polyactil N yet, but that seems to be what's available now, so will try it. I recommend this product to anyone who deals with pressure sores. It has healed the sore better than anything else I've tried. I use damp gauze to dry surgical pad for dressing. We've had no problem with infection, and the sore is quite deep, so I'm impressed. The only disadvantage we've found is that the product isn't always available. It isn't produced in the U.S. and I think the producer has problems keeping up with demand. It's still worth the wait!

- Wyoming Gal

Open Pressure Wound on Foot

I purchased the bundle for my brother who has an open pressure wound on the bottom of his foot for two years. He has had two skin graphs that have failed and is diagnosed as NOT having diabetes. He has a job that requires him to be on his feet daily so he routinely dresses the open wound daily to prevent any infection. Even though this product hasn't healed the wound completely, he feels it does work.

- Daniel F.

Great Combo!

My husband gets the Polyactil-N/Petroactil bundle. He has a "mystery" skin condition that the doctors can't seem to identify. He has intense burning, itching and swollen areas that weep moisture. He has no open wounds, but these ointments are the first treatment that seem to calm the symptoms and give him relief. I've been searching the internet for different OTC treatments, and I'm so glad I came across these ointments. He also has dental problems and I recently ordered the Periactil biogenic gel for his gums and he loves that too.

- Vicki

It has accelerated healing

Unbelievable results. I am also using it on my dog, and it has accelerated healing on his surgery wounds like never before

- Densan

Item Weight:

This product contains a 1 oz. tube of Petroactil, Topical Moisture and Lubrication


Hydration and lubrication



Purified demineralized water, glycerin, white petrolatum, carbopol, orthosilicic acid, phosphate buffer, methyl paraben, chitosan, stearic acid, propyl paraben



Wash wound with clear water if possible. Apply sufficient Petroactil to cover area. If inflammation is present, first cover wound with Polyactil, then cover with Petroactil. If a varicose ulcer, cover the Petroactil, then cover with Polyactil. Bandage with sterile gauze; Petroactil prevents bandage from sticking. Dress wound daily. Petroactil will protect newly generated skin.

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