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The owners of Med-Actil work for free. And we always have.
We do this because our mission is to bring these amazing, superior

healing innovations to the world.

We are family owned, privately-held, and often it is difficult to spread the

revenue to meet all our business needs, making advertising a challenge.


and get a free product for your efforts.

First, it is important to know that we don’t spam.

We help people heal and have better health through our superior products.
If you will share our information with three friends,
you can help them and you can help our cause.

Send us three friends’ email addresses;

friends who could benefit from a better way to deal with wound healing,
oral health, skin beauty, nail treatment, muscle and joint issues,

asthma, acne or other healing issues.   

Please be sure it is OK with your friends.

We will immediately send each of them a coupon and an offer
to subscribe to receive more of our special offers and information.
If they opt out from receiving more promotions and information,

we pledge to not contact them again.

Either way, we will send you a free product for your effort to help.

Fill in the form below or simply email the names and email addresses to  or text them to  (832)-877-3784.

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