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Head To Toe Skin Care

SO MUCH MORE THAN A LOTION!  Sedactil, our amazing head-to-toe skin treatment. Finally, based on solid science, one product can do it all.

  • Firms and beautifies skin

  • Use HEAD to TOE

  • Tightens pores and evens out discolorations

  • Anti-aging, Diminishes wrinkles

  • Hydrates on a cellular level

Product Description
Non-greasy, light, deep-penetrating Sedactil does not merely sit on the skin to provide surface moisture, it works on a cellular level to restore skin integrity and appeal.
It works HEAD TO TOE, because Sedactil works in harmony with the natural body functions that keep us healthy and constantly restore and replace old tissue.  Unlike what other cosmetic ads tell you, with Sedactil a different formula is not necessary for each area of the body.  Sedactil works on delicate facial tissue, down to the roughest part of your feet.  It is truly a head-to-toe product.
Sedactil also helps your body to synthesize D3, collagen, and good cholesterol.  It utilizes these vital elements in your skin tissue, resulting in a smoother, plumper look and feel.  Use it diligently for a healthy approach to skin care and watch, even photo, your face, heads and other areas for a more youthful glow and appeal.
Let's talk about sloughing.  With the first uses of Sedactil, you might think it is grainy or that it balls up ... Not so!  This is Sedactil removing old layers of dehydrated skin cells to reveal the more youthful tissue below.  Just rinse this away.  It will stop after a few uses and each application will feel silky smooth and soothing.
Similarly, the first few uses may smell strong as Sedactil pulls out toxins lfeft behind by ordinary products.  This too will stop after a few uses, leaving you with a healthier skin and subsurface.
Are you concerned about discolorations, like redness around your nose, a brownish blotch on your cheek, age spots on your hands?  Use Sedactil and watch for improvements in your skin tone and evenness of color.
Be prepared to be spoiled. 

Sedactil Skin Care

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Pack of 3 - $115.00 - $137.85

Free Domestic Shipping

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5 out of 5 stars Great Stuff!

I have used Sedactil for many months and noticed that it really helped the texture of my face, and the wrinkles to be less noticeable. Recently, I ran out of it and used whatever other things I had in the house. In a very short time, my wrinkles seemed deeper, and I realized I needed more Sedactil. Sometimes I also use it on my arms and hands, and would love to be able to afford to use it all over my body. This is a product all women should try. I have used some of the other "actil" products, and loved them as well.



Fountain of Youth Lotion! ...Feels Wonderful!

My hands went from dry, old, neglected, hard-labor looking hands ... to no labor, soft, MUCH YOUNGER looking hands in 1 DAY!  That is NOT AN EXAGGERATION. My face too! This is serious FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH stuff, with no greasy feeling or scent. Some lotions have given me a temporary boost in appearance, essentially caused by  a reaction that swells the skin but there is none of that with Sedactil. It feels wonderful in every way! The only reason I ordered is that I love every other product I have ordered from this company and now I am hooked on Sedactil, too! Peri-actil saved my teeth and gums, Polyactil / Petroactil saved my face from both infection and scarring after a very serious injury, Neumactil helped my mom with shooting pains from MS, and I recently also ordered Keractil for nail issues. If you have dry skin, or just want to look younger and feel younger - try this ...there is something magical about this lotion. I would not be sharing my fountain of youth secret f it weren't for the fact that I also love and trust the distributor of this product and a wonderful human being!  Just one more tip...a little goes a long way. Take a pea sized bit of lotion and spread as thin and far as possible for best results!

-RK (McLean VA)


I'm watching the facial lines virtually disappear ...

My wife loves Sedactil.  I noted what was happening to her skin, so I seriously started using it myself, especially on my crow's feet.  Now I am watching as my facial age lines are virtually disappearing with regular use!  I'm ordering more for both of us now.

- Senior Senor (Missouri)


Helps Reduce Redness and Effects of My Rosacea

I have tried many creams and other treatments over the years for my rosacea, but Sedactil is one of the few that has actually worked. I haven't been good about using it every day, but even just using it most days, I've noticed a definite reduction of the redness and bumps on my face. It feels great when I apply it because my skin is so dry. I can feel the hydration. I have even had other people who didn't know that I was using it comment that my skin looked great! As someone that has had rosacea for quite some years, that was a definite boost to my self confidence. I love that this cream feels so nice going on, and I haven't had any reactions to it (which can sometimes happen with my sensitive skin). I am using it on my neck and arms also to help reduce lines and such, and I have noticed an improvement there as well. I have used it for a bit over a month now. I plan to continue using it, and I hope to see more improvement. Even if I can just maintain what I have seen so far, that would be great.

-Veronica B. (Houston, TX)



No Equivalent to Sedactil!
There's really no equivalent to this product that I've ever tried. It's not only a moisturizer, it actually resurfaces skin. I bought it because my hands were looking old and my back had a severe rash reaction to hot tub chemicals that left me feeling disfigured.
Well, after one application, it was like I had new hands. I kid you not. Now my hands "go" with my young face. I've never experienced such a difference in skin texture. After using Neumactil once, I felt like I had new lungs. With Klearactil, I got a new face -- one without zits and enlarged pores. Now with Sedactil, I have new hands. What else will this company give me that's new? 
… Sedactil, after ONE use, leveled the skin surface so that my back felt like a normal back again, but better. Really soft and comfortable! … I think this is a necessity to have in a skincare/first aid arsenal just in case life happens. Can't really go wrong.
This is a great company with great people. They really care about helping and the shipping is fast!
-Shannon (California)



Fine Lines Gone and Hydration is Intense - What? IT WORKS!?

I am a 51 year old female and no one is more skeptical and cynical than I [not proud of that] but Sedactil is making a difference for me and it befuddles me! I took a chance on ordering this face cream because I had a positive experience with another product from this company. I was upset with the toll the aging process has taken on my face. I figured no product can make a difference because it cannot reverse time of course. I have tried lots of products, some expensive and some fairly priced. This product actually has made a difference though if I read that review from anyone else I would not myself believe it. I have used Sedactil on my face for about six weeks now and FINE LINES ARE GONE and the HYDRATION IS SO INTENSE that it almost plumps up the sagging skin. I'm not sure I understand the science behind the how it affects the ATP of the cell but I know it works. I don't ever want to be without this product. I also have a horrible problem with aged and older looking hands. I put Sedactil on my hands at night and the winter effects of bleeding and chapping are quite minimal now and my hands are starting to look healed. I am puzzled how anything this affordable can actually make a difference yet it does.

-Julie Shaffer (USA)


Item Weight:

This product contains a 2.11 oz. tube of Sedactil Head to Toe Skin Care


Purified demineralized water (q.s. 100G), white petrolatum, glycerin, orthosilicic acid, stearic acid, palmitate, carbomer 980, phosphate buffer, cholesterol, diazolidinyl urea, L(+) lactic acid, fragrance, menthol, methyl paraben, polycarbophil, chitosan, propyl paraben



Apply to hands, face and body twice daily and as needed to fight dryness. Massage on elbows, knees fingers, and other joints to soothe.

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