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Polyactil-N/Petroactil Bundle 3 Pack

Polyactil-N/Petroactil Bundle 3 Pack

$140.85 Regular Price
$130.00Sale Price

The ultimate wound care! This combo has healed wounds that nothing else would touch. If someone you love has a painful non-healing wound or injury, this is where to turn. Free of antibiotics and hormones. No side effects.


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Polyactil-N - Purified de-mineralized water, glycerin, carbopol, orthosilicic acid, phosphate buffer, salicylic acid, diazolidinyl urea, methyl paraben, aloe vera, propyl paraben

Petroactil -Purified de-mineralized water, glycerin, white petrolatum, carbopol, orthosilicic acid, phosphate buffer, methyl paraben, chitosan, stearic acid, propyl paraben

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