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Sedactil for Men 
Male Skin Care

Triple Action – Hydrates without Greasiness, Forms Anti-Bacterial Barrier, Soothes Hard Playing, Hard Working Hands



Product Description
An entirely new approach to male skin care. Restores natural balance to skin and youthful look. Fortifies and nourishes skin and nails. Soothes chaffing. Safe to apply over shaving nicks.

Sedactil Male Skin Care

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Pack of 3 - $115.00 - $137.85

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Easily the Best Lotion Ever for Men 
Easily the best lotion I have ever used. Non greasy and lasts! I like how it is quickly absorbed and the results of better looking skin come in a matter of days.
-Tony350 (USA)


For Weather Damage and as an Aftershave 
My skin looks and feel great.  I use this product instead of aftershave because it is soothing and healing.  It stops chaffy and chapping without stinging.  I've used it for a while and my skin is very smooth. It clears up bumps, too.  Maybe my favorite thing about Sedactil is that where I work is harsh and cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer.  My skin used to get badly dried out and damaged.  Sedactil completely controls this. 

- MRT (SE Texas)

I'm watching the facial lines virtually disappear ...

My wife loves Sedactil.  I noted what was happening to her skin, so I seriously started using it myself, especially on my crow's feet.  Now I am watching as my facial age lines are virtually disappearing with regular use!  I'm ordering more for both of us now.

- Copter Guy (USA)


Soothes my skin unlike any other male skin care

I love Sedactil for Men! It's not greasy like most skin care treatments and it works for your whole body. I use it for everything like dry skin, sunscreen, and an aftershave. This is a must buy for the men who care about their skin!


Item Weight:
This product contains a 2.11 oz. tube of Sedactil Men Skin Care

Dry, damaged skin, Alternative Aftershave, Complexion and anti-aging
Purified demineralized water, white petrolatum, glycerin, orthosilicic acid, carbopol, phosphate buffer, cholesterol, soy oil, palmitate, L-lactic acid, fragrance, chitosan, diazolidinyl urea, methyl paraben, propyl paraben

Apply to hands, face and body as needed to fight dryness. Massage on fingers, elbows, knees and other joints to soothe. Use twice per day to sanitize.

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