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1st Day Relief – Vaginal Moisturizing Gel

Product Description
Unlike 3-day products, Gynactil acts fast to control odor, restore or maintain

natural moisture, control dryness, and to maintain a good vaginal flora.  With bi-weekly use, Gynactil keeps the vaginal area fresh and free from imbalances.  Provides fast acting, first-day action. Free of miconazole nitrate, hormones and antibiotics. Allows beneficial microbes to thrive and restore natural vaginal flora balance.

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Pack of 3 - $66.50 - $77.85

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Excellent product
Works great; works quickly.  Excellent for restoring natural pH. 


Best I have ever found
I suffer from chronic yeast infections every time I use an antibiotic. I have tried major brands, boric acid, refreshing gels, etc. but I still get the infections. Gynactil is the most helpful and quickest to resolve my issues.

My Secret Weapon
If you have been plagued with recurring yeast infection and in need of a product that truly works, Gynactil is precisely what you have been searching for.  It is my secret weapon! I have and will continue to recommend it to friends.




Definitely Worth the Price
After several trial and errors with numerous yeast infection products, I was fortunate to have stumbled on this product. If you have been plagued with the problem of recurring yeast infection and in need of a product that truly works, then Gynactil is precisely what you have been searching for all along. It is my little secret weapon that I have been using for years now and it is a great product. I have and will continue recommending it to friends.

-J. French



Helped Healing

I was given a prescription medication that caused vaginitis and lots of irritation. Gynactil soothed the irritation and helped me to heal. I am thankful I found this medication as it was the only thing to help.

-Kindle Customer



Unbelievably Awesome

I will never buy (brand name removed - America's largest selling brand) again.  Got that?  Ladies, if you get yeast infections EVER, or even the warning that one is on the way, use this instead. It's odorless, colorless, and doesn't leave you with horrible side effects. I was getting an infection this past week and Gynactil got rid of it in under two days. You don't even have to wait to go to bed at night to use it.  ... I don't know what's in it that causes it to work so much better, faster, and easier than typical drugstore treatments, and I don't really care. If more people knew about this, the standard antifungals would go out of business because every woman dreads the god-awful side effects which are often worse than the infection itself.

- S.G. (California)



Great Alternative!

I have suffered with chronic yeast infections and am not thrilled about using prescription or over the counter medications long term. Since using Gynactil, I have not had to use any other medications to keep yeast infections at bay. It does give relief very quickly and keeps a healthy balance, so I feel better longer. It's also a good product for those of us in midlife, who need a little extra help in this area.

-Satisfied Customer



Item Weight: 
This product contains a 1 oz. tube of Gynactil Vaginal Moisturizing Gel

Reduces dryness and adds natural moisture. Restores vaginal flora balance and freshness. Controls odor and discomfort.

Purified demineralized water, carboxymethyl cellulose, phosphate buffer, polycarbophil USP, sorbic acid, diazolidinyl urea

Insert one full applicator twice per day. Even when freshness and comfort are restored, continue to use for a total of three days. To maintain natural balance and flora and a proper pH balance, use two or three times per week.

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