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  • Strong, fast relief

  • For hard-working, hard playing muscles and joints

  • Rapid relief and prolonged efficacy against pain

  • Non-sticky, non-staining, pleasant fragrance

  • Steroid free, cortisone free, camphor free


For pain associated with …

  • Athletic injuries

  • Arthritis

  • Stressed muscles

  • Joint pain

  • Backaches

  • Sprains

  • Strains

  • and More


  • Use Bioactil to improve and accelerate healing.

  • Guards against EIMD (exercise-induced muscle damage) and reduces DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

  • Athletes are even reporting that they "get back into the game" fasterresuming full ability to function after injuries and far less likelihood of repeated injury of the same muscle. 

Other products may contain menthol, but nothing else is like Bioactil. Using only 3% menthol, the rapid relief is boosted by our Superior Polyelectrolyte Technology (SPT), carrying the relief deep into muscles, 
joints and connective tissues, like ligaments and tendons. 
SPT is a proprietary method of blending the inactive ingredients in a special manner, boosting the efficacy of the active ingredient and bringing unsurpassed relief to damaged tissue, even tissue deep beneath the surface. 
Bioactil also follows our Bio-Harmony standard, combining the best of medical technology with biogenic science, so the formula works in harmony with the microenvironment that thrives in and on our bodies.  Thus, as Bioactil is acting as an analgesic against pain, it cooperates with the body's own natural ability to control inflammation and aches associated with arthritis, injuries, or overstressed muscles and tissues.
Bioactil safely works in harmony with the body’s ability to heal itself and, so, is effective following a wide variety of injuries and problems. After applying non-greasy Bioactil, you will feel a cooling effect, which is far more than cosmetic. This actually enhances the impact of the product by allowing our proprietary formula to penetrate into the tissue for deeper, more effective relief. Bioactil works rapidly on new pain from injuries and provide relief to old, deep nagging pains.
The simplicity of the formula provides a treatment that can be used safely and repeatedly without concern about side effects.  This marvelous is steroid-free, cortisone-free and camphor-free. 
For exercising and working out, rub Bioactil on muscles before and after exercise to relieve soreness.

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Natalie Decker uses pain relief gel

“Stock car racing is brutal on the body. Bioactil is amazing at relieving my pain and keeping me in the race!” ... Natalie Decker


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Extraordinary Analgesic Impact on Muscle and Joints

Bioactil box updated border.png
Bioactil gel for sprained ankle

Day 1

Fast treatment for swelling and inflammation

Day 2 – Can bear full weight on ankle

Bioactil testimonial pic
Lower back injury while bicycling
Estfany Arguedas.jpg



"This product has helped me with two injuries in a very short time. In summary, it is absolutely amazing...

1) I have been suffering from tendonitis in my left elbow (my dominant arm) for about six months. I needed something for the pain. I tried several different compression bands/braces; they didn't work . I tried homeopathic anti-inflammatory medicines (topical and oral); they didn't work. I was hesitant to seek medical attention, because I was not keen on the idea of steroid shots. As a last resort, I tried this product for my muscle and joint pain. I have used it twice a day (morning and night) for about a week now and my elbow pain has been reduced by at least 75%. I can now function without being in constant pain, which is such a wonderful feeling after six months!  Tendonitis -

2) Grade 2 Sprained Ankle- I recently fell down some front porch steps and rolled my ankle very

badly on the landing.  I immediately applied this product, and continued to apply it throughout

the day for a total of four applications. On the day of the injury, my ankle was not happy, but

I continued my activities with perseverance. It acted like a typical grade 2 sprained ankle

(swelling, throbbing, tenderness, bruising, limping), but I continued to apply the Bioactil

throughout the day for the pain. The next morning, I woke up and almost all of the pain was

gone!  The swelling and bruising was still present, but the tenderness and throbbing were

almost non-existent. There was some limping still, but it was not due to excessive pain. It

was due more to the swelling that prevented me from fully bending my ankle. There was

some pain still, but it was unbelievably minimal considering the level of the injury. After

the way I remained active on day one, I was expecting it to be worse on day two, not

better, and certainly not as good as it was.

I have included a photo of the injured ankle and another photo of me

standing on it (alone) on day two.

I highly recommend this product for muscle/tendon injury pain.

You will not be disappointed!"

- PeachyMomo (Dallas)



It Fixes What Ails You ... Fitness Industry Testimonial

"Having been in the fitness industry for the past 15 years, I have had and seen it all. From DOMS (delayed on-set of muscle soreness) to more serious muscle injuries. I was taught and have always believed that topical analgesics only offered temporary relief from symptoms UNTIL NOW!  After hearing that I was suffering with hip pain (bursitis) a friend of mine offered me Bioactil. I politely agreed to give it a try with much skepticism that it would really help, but much to my surprise I could really feel an improvement. I couldn't wait to have my own tube. I use it on EVERYTHING that ails me and recommend it to all my clients. I'm so grateful that there is something out there to offer relief from pain that doesn't come in pill form!
Bioactil, I LOVE YOU!"

- Kimberly - Fitness Trainer (Tiki Island TX)


Relief From Stress in Body

“Bioactil has been of great help, as I put loads of stress on my body during my ultramarathons.  Bioactil provides relief when used before and after the events.  It definitely must be in the hydration backpack of every runner.”

- Marcos Chavez, Worldwide Ultra-Marathonist (USA)

Not experiencing soreness

"Bioactil is excellent for post-workout recovery."  We agree, recovery time after a long ride or serious workout is much easier if Bioactil is applied beforehand and again afterward to relieve any soreness.”

- Estfany Arguedas, Distance Cyclist (USA)


Knee Pain

"I have had terrible pain in my knee for quite some friend told me about Bioactil! It has been a life saver! Some days I tend to over do it and then my knee starts giving me fits! I put Bioactil on and the I get some relief! I love this stuff!"

- Sharon Fisk (USA)

I Highly Recommend Bioactil

"Bioactil is one of the best products on the market by far!  Its pain relieving properties are unheard of. On a rainy Sunday night, I was walking down the stairs outside and slipped, rolling my ankle inward and getting a terrible sprain.  I’ve never had any injuries like such in the past.  I got out my Bioactil and started to applying it.  The night of the sprain was the worst that it looked during the whole duration. Swollen almost twice the size, red and very sore, I could barely put weight on it.  I applied Bioactil 3 times a day over the area, once in the morning, lunch and night.  By Wednesday of the same week came and I could almost not feel that I had even injured myself.  Now it is Thursday and I am able to walk with full weight on it ... I can even run!  This stuff works wonders!  I didn’t use anything else other than Bioactil, and I got the best response I’ve ever had with any other medicine. I strongly recommend this to anyone else who may get sports related injury pain.  Cuts time down significantly!  Overall, Bioactil is an awesome product that has outdone my expectations.  I will keep a tube of it on hand at my place for sure.  5 out of 5 stars and highly recommended!"  

- Marshall W., Tulsa OK



Best on the market!

I am an avid runner and frisbee tosser, but with age I have had to succumb to muscles rubs. My brother, who has ALS, turned me on to this product that he says he could not live without.  I tried it out of desperation and Ta-Da the stuff worked. It really, really worked! I use it so much that I now start to freak a bit when I get low. Thank you for this amazing product !!!  Signed...User for life,

- Leyland (New Orleans LA)



I Was Quickly Back in the Race

I am an amateur MTB cyclist. I had some pre-existing pain prior to a major race.  On the first day, March 18, I made stage 1 of the return to Lake Arenal, a distance of almost 80 km from Tilarán to The Fortune of San Carlos. The next day was a 60-mile circuit to Boca San Carlos and back. But at the end of the second day, the pain had escalated; it hurt from half the buttock to part of the back. I was unable to race the 3rd day and had to drop out of the race. The pain escalated to the point that it hurt to be sitting, lying, walking.  I tried many products with no relief.  I used BIOACTIL once and in a matter of half an hour it took away the pain and by the next morning it was as if nothing happened. It really surprised me!!  Excellent product!!

- Luis Morales, avid amateur cyclist (Costa Rica)










My Favorite Rub

I've actually tried three different products from this company and am pleased with each one. I had been using Biofreeze as recommended by my chiropractor, for relief from sore muscles in my neck and back. However, it would irritate my skin. The Bioactil does not irritate my skin and is just as, if not more effective, giving temporary relief to my aches and pains. It also goes on my skin more smoothly. I much prefer it over Biofreeze and other similar brands.

- Welchfamusa (USA)



Muscle and Joint Pain

Great product for active people - this product does exactly what it advertises. It most definitely stops muscle and joint pain - I LOVE IT.

- Chip Toliver (Bridge City TX)



Maximum Stars for Bioactil …

I bought this product on a whim. I needed something for my neck and shoulder, read the reviews, and thought I would take a chance. It is way better than I expected. It really deserves 6 stars. It relieved pain that weekly Rolfing, deep tissue massage, and chiropractic treats could not resolve. By the 4th application I was putting it on everything that even slightly hurt. It works best on muscles, but I've also used it on my arthritic knees and fingers.

- Cookie (Encino CA)



Great for Pain Fibromyalgia

I have fibromyalgia so I have a lot of muscle and joint pain.  If ever I have found relief from the dreaded pain from a topical ointment, this one takes the trophy! For the 1st time in 10+ years, a product does what it says...for both muscles and joints! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You, Med-Actil. I have purchased many of your products and must say, for e, the Polyactil (First Aid) , Petroactil (for older, deeper wounds), Periactil (for gums), ALL are excellent products I will purchase again and again.

-Me First (McLean VA)



Another Great Product from Med-Actil

I discovered the Med-Actil products while searching for relief from asthma symptoms (see my review for 'Neumactil'). I then tried Polyactil for skin injuries. Again, we were very pleased with the efficacy of the product … I tried Bioactil), a new product from Med-Actil. I practice martial arts and have frequent bumps and bruises. I had a bad bruise on my shin when my first order of Bioactil arrived. I am very pleased with the results, and now use this product whenever I have a sports-related injury. The pain was reduced and the time period of dealing with the injury was less … the other members of my family also report pain reduction and faster results when they use this product.

- D.L. Kent (Oakland CA)



Extreme Rotator Cuff Pain 

A few years ago, I tore the rotator cuff on my right shoulder.  You have probably heard about how painful this is.  The pain was unbelievable. Surgery fixed it and I did pretty well for a few years.  I don’t know what caused it, but last week, the pain came back in a major way.  Did I tear it again? 


I couldn’t bear to move, breath, or cough because the slightest movement brought me to my knees in pain.  For a few days, all I could do is lay on the sofa and almost cry in pain.  I made an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon … but help from him was still a few days away.  Having received so much benefit from Bioactil for other muscle and joint pains, I thought maybe it could ease the pain a little, so I gently rubbed it on; this was on April 28th .  It did help; so I used it again and again, all day. 


I couldn’t believe it, but the next morning, April 29th, the extreme pain I had lived through was probably 85-90% over!!  It was still very sensitive to touch or move, but the constant part of the pain was so much less.  I continued with the Bioactil.  The next day, April 30th, there was NO pain unless I attempted movement of right arm or if I touched the tissue over the rotator cuff, which was still ultra-sensitive. 


I was still a few days from my appointment, so I continued with the Bioactil rubs.  Now it is 4 days later and my arm and shoulder are completely fine except for a tiny pain deep in the shoulder when I make large movements. Based on this amazing progress, I will continue with Bioactil a bit longer.  My appointment with the orthopedic surgeon was set for tomorrow, but I just CANCELLED it!! 

- Climbing Higher, OKlahoma



I'll be referring my friends to this product!

Both of my elbows were recently hurting.  Acupuncture and chiropractic care was helping some, but when a friend had me try Bioactil, I knew I had found the solution to my pain!  Bioactil really helped my elbows.  It’s fast-acting, doesn’t sting, and is very effective.  My co-worker recently tried it on his knees and experienced similar, positive results.  I know I’ll be referring this product

to my friends and family.

- Leslie Whaylen Clift, Galveston Texas

5 out of 5 stars works

I get painful muscle knots in my neck. Rub this in and the pain goes away.

Love the stuff

- Mary E 

Item Weight:

This product contains a 2.46 oz. tube of Bioactil Pain Relieving Gel



Active ingredient:   Menthol 3%..................................................................................................................................................Topical analgesic


Inactive ingredients:  

Purified demineralized water, glycerin, carbopol, orthosilicic acid, phosphate buffer, salicylic acid, diazolidinyl urea, methyl paraben, aloe vera, propyl paraben, cetostearyl alcohol


Ingredient Note:  Bioactil's menthol is eutectically boosted by our proprietary buffer


Apply to affected area as needed. Rub gently until dry.  May be used 5 to 6 times daily, if needed.  Before exercise or hard work:  Apply to calves, thighs or other muscles to be exerted to ward off pain.  Wait 5 minutes before beginning exercise. Apply again after exercise.

Side Effects:

No known side effects. 


Allergy warning:  Certain persons can develop allergic reactions to menthol.  If the symptom being treated does not subside or if redness, irritation, swelling pain or other symptoms develop or increase, discontinue use and consult a physician.

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