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Keractil Plus

Antifungal Treatment

Antifungal – SAFE, SUPER EFFECTIVE – Complete Cure; Prevents Fungus Return – No Side Effects

Product Description
Keractil Plus is a safe, easy and effective product for eliminating fungus with no harmful side effects. After all fungus is cleared, use Keractil Plus at the first sign of new fungus to prevent re-infection.

Keractil Plus antifungual


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Now in a convenient dropper bottle!



I have been fighting unsightly fungus for years; seems like I’ve tried everything.  I’ve been using Keractil for a month and it has finally put a halt to the fungus.  I also have had horrible splitting and peeling, but now it looks so good and healthy. Keractil is clean & easy to apply, has no smell and dries quickly. I don’t want to be without Keractil every again!  It’s perfect.

- N. Eads (Missouri)


I had an awful toenail fungus.  I bought Keractil Plus and the fungus was gone in a matter of weeks.  As the nails grew out, you could see the line between the fungus nail and the healthy nail that was growing in.  I was amazed and then became totally excited. To get rid of the fungus you think you will have to live with forever, get Keractil-Plus and say “goodbye” to fungus.

- Miss Mona (Pasadena)



This is the ONLY product I have tired that has helped my fungus-infected areas to grow out clean. 

- Janeson Keeley (Roanoke VA)



Finally, my affected toe looks great. I’m looking forward to wearing sandals next year!  This was the cheapest and safest way to get rid of my fungus. My doctor had given me a prescription … whoa, that was the worst! It gave me headaches. Then I bought Keractil … Goodbye yellowing, goodbye thickness, goodbye fungus!

- Janet (USA)



I am very pleased with the results I am getting with Keractil. Not only is it removing the fungus, it is making the area so pretty!  I am now fungus-free.  And Polyactil is also excellent; it is curing a burn I was having problems with for a while!  I can’t say enough good things about these products … And I’ve had NO side effects.

- dallas4colleen (Texas)



I have tried all kinds of treatments and with most, if you miss even one treatment, the fungus grows back.  I decided to try Keractil and see if it would work, but actually thought I would be disappointed. But, I have been surprised!  It works!  It has been 2 months and half of the fungus infected part has grown out.  It takes at least 2 weeks to see the uninfected re-growth to start growing in.  It depends on your individual growth rate, but with Keractil, a new healthy area will start growing in at the base and Keractil keeps the fungus from coming back.

- K. Augustine (Fairfax VA)



I bought Keractil for my boyfriend.  Cute guy; ugly feet. It is working. Some of his toes are already fungus free and the really bad ones are getting better. He promised to keep using it; otherwise I won’t go to the beach with him.  He has tried a lot of other brands, but Keractil is “the one”.  Also, sometimes I massage Keractil on for him (being a great girlfriend) and even though I had no real problems, now my own hands look amazing.  I recommend Keractil to all my friends.

- L.S.M. (USA)



I have tried numerous over-the-counter products to treat my long term fungus, but I NEVER had good results until I purchased Keractil !!  I use this product morning and night and make sure I always have plenty on hand. As soon as it finishes clearing my fungus, I will use it as a preventative.  I have nailed this nasty little problem.

- Connie (USA)



I had fungus … yellowing, thickening, peeling, etc. I have tried Fungicure and all the other so-called cures.  I really did not want to go to the doctor and have all those blood tests. I decided to try Keractil. I really works!  I used it twice a day for about 7 weeks and now I use it once a day.  My pinky is completely cured and 2 others have almost grown out clear. The last two are getting there. As soon as the fungus is gone, I’m getting a manicure!  (How about some new rings, too!)

- CB (USA)



Three years ago, I had a pedicure and a few weeks later my big toe discolored and eventually I found out I have a fungus infection.  I went to the pharmacy and used the most expensive stuff on the shelf … It didn’t work.  I went to 2 doctors and got 2 different prescriptions … They didn’t work.  A 3rd doctor said he could remove it (ouch) but that didn’t mean the fungus wouldn’t soon  grow back. The doctors were so unconcerned.  I’ve tried 5 other treatment in all with no improvement. Now, so far, I have used Keractil for 3 months … TOTAL CHANGE.  No more darkening, no more thickening. You will really notice a difference with Keractil.

-Cyn (No location stated)



I had been unsuccessfully battling fungus for 15 years.  This included visits to doctors and painful procedures.  Keractil works!  Be patient, as attractiveness will require several months as the damaged tissue grows out and healthy layers grow in.  However, improvement is noticeable quickly. Odorless, painless and remarkable.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

- Douglas J. Tomsky (Glen Ellyn IL)



I began to freak out when I found the fungus on a little part and after reading the Keractil reviews, I decided it was worth a shot.  I couldn’t believe how quickly it started working.  After only a week, the area was looking better.  Soon after, the fungus infected tissue actually fell off!

- Jamie Reyburn (Henderson NV)



Keractil worked for me.  I tried other products; thought one herbal product was going to work, but it never finished the job and the bad stuff just kept growing back. Keractil is working.  8 toes are now 100% OK and some of them were quick (smaller ones).  My two big toes were the worst and one is pretty much OK, with new growth almost completely in and healthy, and the other one is beginning to get right.  I will continue to use Keractil until the last of my “bad” stuff is gone.  I can’t remember, I think I am 4 months into the areas, but I'm elderly and every seems slower nowadays.  I think the hardest part has been waiting for new growth to “push out” the old bad parts, but part of one sheared off in a big chunk.  I started using Keractil because I had good luck with Polyactil and Petroactil and saw Keractil on the flyer in the package. All in all, it is the best fungus product I’ve used in about 20 years of trying different products.

- V. Phillips (Texas)



Fantastic product! I am going to order another tube only because I never want to be without Keractil again.  This product gave the fastest complete healing I have ever seen.  A tiny drop daily is all it takes.  I will always use Keractil to avoid the ugliness, embarrassing thickness and  yellowing. I can only say great things about this.  I am amazed at how completely this worked for me.

- Wendy (USA)



I love pretty shoes.  But for years, I had an “ugly toe” … one big toe nail was hideous with fungus.  I tried a prescription but it didn’t work and I had to have a test to be sure my liver could handle it.  Then I got pregnant and was scared to use anything.  After the baby came, my friend gave me a tube of Keractil.  It completely eliminated the fungus and was so easy to use.  The fungus hasn’t come back and I’ve bought about 10 pair of open toed shoes!  Nice to not feel self-conscious.

- C. Whitworth (Houston TX)



So much better! I have tried so many things to cure fungus and Keractil is the first one that gives me hope!  I think it is well worth your while to purchase this product if you have tried many over the counter products and nothing has worked.  I definitely see improvement!

- Cynthia M. Crowe-Urgo (USA)

Item Weight:

This product contains a .5 oz. dropper bottle of Keractil Plus Antifungal Treatment



Tolnaftate - 1%; carbomer, cetostearyl alcohol, cetostearyl ether, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, methylparaben, orthosilicic acid, petrolatum, phosphate buffer, propylene glycol, propyl paraben, stearic acid, water


Use once or twice daily.

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