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Health Pack

Health Pack

$84.00 Precio
$62.00Precio de oferta

The essential pack to address problems and prevent recurrences.


  • Neumactil - For strong, healthy lung tissue. Stops current or pending asthma episodes. Reduces or eliminates future asthma episodes. Excellent for bronchitis, pneumonia, cough. See our study is the White Pages section of this website.
  • Polyactil-N - For burns, cuts, bruises, sores, blisters, rashes, topical infections, and moreFast relief for blisters, abrasions, chafing, sunburn, and general first-aid. Polyactil-N often results in healing after all else has failed.
  • Periactil Complete - For strong, healthy, sparkling teeth, firm pink non-bleeding gums, sensitivity, dry mouth,mouth sores, and amazing breath based on maintaining a healthy oral biome.
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