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Take it with you to the tattoo parlor to start HEALING and pain relief before you bandage



Product Description
Stattoo Parlor Gel should be applied at the tattoo parlor rather than petroleum jelly. Like petroleum jelly, it controls bleeding and prevents bandages from sticking. But UNLIKE ANY OTHER PRODUCT on the market, Stattoo Parlor Gel starts the healing process and pain relief right there in the shop. It reduces swelling and redness, allowing you to see your tattoo more like it will look when healed. Stattoo Parlor Gel can be used individually; but for maximum impact, when you arrive home from the tattoo parlor, wash off the Parlor Gel and apply Stattoo Aftercare to super accelerate healing. With Stattoo products, your tattoo will be healed and ready to show off days sooner than with conventional tattoo products. Use Stattoo Moisturizer to keep your tattoo hydrated and beautiful. Stattoo Parlor Gel is available in individual tubes or in the Stattoo Kit, which contains a 1/2 oz of each product.

For new or reworked tattoos

Purified demineralized water, glycerin, white petrolatum, carbopol, orthosilicic acid, phosphate buffer, methyl paraben, chitosan, stearic acid, propyl paraben


  1. Use Stattoo Parlor Gel at the parlor before applying Saran or bandage.

  2. After two days with Parlor Gel, apply Stattoo Aftercare or use in combination. See package for details.

  3. When tattoo is advancing, use Stattoo Moisturizer for smoothness and wrinkle control.

Pack of 3

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