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UNIQUE natural hydration and deep muscle pain relief – Controls wrinkling – Accelerates healing



Product Description
Stattoo Moisturizer is unlike any other moisturizer. Stattoo Moisturizer stimulates your body’s own natural ability to retain moisture and fight wrinkles. It hydrates and firms your skin by stimulating the natural production of natural hormones and collagen. All this while safely fighting off bacteria so effectively that it provides an alternative to harsh alcohol-based topical ointments. And as an additional bonus, Stattoo Moisturizer relieves both the surface pain as well as the deep pain in your muscles often associated with new tattoos. For best results, use alternately with Stattoo Aftercare to accelerate the healing process and for maximum pain relief.sticking.

Tattoo Moisturizing and Comfort

Purified demineralized water, white petrolatum, glycerin, orthosilicic acid, carbopol, phosphate buffer, cholesterol, soy oil, palmitate, L-lactic acid, fragrance, chitosan, diazolidinyl urea, methyl paraben, propyl paraben



  1. Use Stattoo Parlor Gel at the parlor before applying Saran or bandage.

  2. After two days with Parlor Gel, apply Stattoo Aftercare.

  3. When tattoo is advancing, use Stattoo Moisturizer for smoothness and wrinkle control.


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