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Tattoo Aftercare – 1 Kit – All Three Stattoo Products .5 oz each Designed for small to medium size tattoos Dramatically Reduces Pain and ACCELERATES Tattoo Healing – Parlor Gel, Aftercare and Moisturizer



Product Description
A 3-step approach to shortening the healing time for your new tattoo, while dramatically reducing pain. Reduces swelling and redness. UNLIKE ANY OTHER PRODUCTS on the market, Stattoo starts the healing process right in the tattoo shop and speeds up the entire healing process … by days. With Parlor Gel, bleeding is controlled and bandages won’t stick. Pain reduction and healing start immediately. With Stattoo Aftercare, the healing is rushed while the pain is drastically reduced. Aftercare can be used alternately with the Moisturizer, which controls the wrinkling and soothes the new tattoo. One kit contains .5 oz of each product and will treat one new, small to medium sized tattoo. Products are also sold individually.

For new and rework tattoos.

See Stattoo Parlor Gel, Stattoo Aftercare and Stattoo Moisturizer, individually on Amazon

See box for details.

  1. Use Stattoo Parlor Gel at the parlor before applying Saran or bandage.

  2. After two days with Parlor Gel, apply Stattoo Aftercare.

  3. When tattoo is advancing, use Stattoo Moisturizer for smoothness and wrinkle control.


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