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This is not just another gel … We think this is the BEST TATTOO AFTERCARE on the market … Superior healing acceleration, pain relief and infection control



Product Description
“This stuff is incredible . By far the best Tattoo care out there!! I highly recommend this product !!!” Amazon customer feedback July 2013. Apply Stattoo Aftercare to your new tattoo to DRAMATICALLY speed up the healing process and reduce the pain. Stattoo Aftercare is based on an advanced formula designed to greatly reduced the amount of time required for your tattoo to completely heal, while relieving pain and guarding against infection. Stattoo Aftercare reduces swelling and redness, allowing you to see your tattoo more like it will look when healed. Stattoo Aftercare can be used individually; but using Stattoo Parlor Gel first will eliminate stinging, especially on tattoos on sensitive areas of the body or new tattoos done over old tattoos. For maximum impact, use Parlor Gel, followed by Stattoo Aftercare and then Stattoo Moisturizer. With Stattoo products, your tattoo will be healed and ready to show off days sooner than with conventional tattoo products. Stattoo Aftercare is available in individual tubes or in the Stattoo Kit, which contains a 1/2 oz of each product. Stattoo Aftercare is also great for cuts, wounds, buises, scrapes, abrasions. If you started with another product and got an infection, use Stattoo Aftercare to get it under control and Parlor Gel before bandaging to prevent sticking.

For new tattoos and rework

Purified demineralized water, glycerin, carbopol, orthosilicic acid, phosphate buffer, salicylic acid, diazolidinyl urea, methyl paraben, aloe vera, propyl paraben


  1. Use Stattoo Parlor Gel at the parlor before applying Saran or bandage.

  2. After two days with Parlor Gel, apply Stattoo Aftercare.

  3. When tattoo is advancing, use Stattoo Moisturizer for smoothness and wrinkle control.


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