A super-cleaner plus a tube of Periactil:  For all your oral needs:  Plaque & tartar, gums, breath, sensitivity, dry mouth, teeth whitening.


Super strong,

superfast wound treatment!

Cuts, incisions, burns, abrasions, chaffing,

and more.

Water-based for fast, safe penetration.

$65.85 - $55.00

Pack of 3


Pack of 3

$74.97 - $67.00

So different!  Our head-to-toe cream is the only skin product you need.  Gentle for delicate skin; super moisturizing for tough areas. 


Pack of 3

$137.85 - $115.00

At Med-Actil,

we care!


We are here

to help


Soothing, plaque-fighting, gum fortifying, breath refreshing gel.

Excellent for after dental treatments.


Highly-pure, strong yet gentle, petrolatum-base gel for 

wound coverage. Excellent for raw wounds, sensitive areas and wounds that have refused to heal, for long periods.

$55.50 - $45.00

Pack of 3


Pack of 3

$92.85 - $82.00

For hard-working, hard-playing guys!

Stimulates Vitamin D synthesis and collagen production.  Great after shaving. Try as a  sunscreen alternative!


Pack of 3

$137.85 - $115.00

Relax & breath easy.

This amazing chest rub penetrates to relax the chest and internal tissue.  Testing show 100% positive results.


Pack of 3

$107.85 - $97.00

The anti-fungal that really works!




Deep penetrating


Pack of 3

Our power duo !!

This combo has healed wounds that nothing else would touch. If someone you love has a painful non-healing wound or injury, this is where to turn.

$105.00 - $97.00


Pack of 3

$140.85 - $130.00

No complicated regiment. This simple 1-step treatment does it all!  Fights acne, blackheads, and more.


Pack of 3

$92.85 - $82.00

Ladies, feel fresher and more confident. Natural moisturizer.

For odor, discharge, itching and more


For strong, beautiful nails.  Ends crumbling, yellowing, thickening.

For existing problems and as a



Pack of 3

For athletes, for old timers, for everyone. Faster relief from sports injuries.  Use before workout to reduce soreness.  

$62.85 - $52.00