Like controlling your gum issues, cavities, and breath wasn't enough!

Check out these secret product "hacks" to learn extra uses for Complete Oral Care and Periactil

Periactil Product Hacks

In addition to the outstanding attributes listed above,

Periactil has some fantastic everyday uses you might not know about:

Eating on the go?

Skip the gum or breath mint; Periactil offers far more protection. Keep Periactil handy, put a bead on your tongue and distribute it around your mouth. Unlike gum that provides xylitol during the chewing process, with Periactil the xylitol protection stays in place for hours of protection and is safe to swallow. Plus Periactil is not a breath coverup like mints or gum; it actually fights the source of bad breath.

Canker sores? Bit your lip? Pain from a dentist visit?

While oral numbing gels might easy the pain a bit temporarily, Periactil actually accelerates the healing of the sore or incision while it greatly eases the pain. Because it promotes healing, the duration of the long term pain is greatly shortened.

Periactil is a powerful pain reducing agent.

Sinus issues?

Tired of the groggy feeling from sinus meds? Customers report that Periactil can help make your sinuses better. Brush your teeth and use Complete Oral Care a bit more frequently to help control oral bacteria … being sure to use at bedtime. Immediately after using Complete Oral, vigorously rub Bioactil or Polyactil-N* over the external sinus areas above your brows and beside your nose. The double whammy of our phosphate ingredient being applied internally and externally helps reduce the inflammation and control the bacteria involved with sinus issues. If you wake during the night, put a extra dab of Periactil Gel on your tongue and swish it around your mouth. You can validate the impact of Periactil on bacteria by noting the difference in your morning breath.

*Both Bioactil and Polyactil-N work well when massages over sinus areas. Bioactil

contains menthol which might be too fragrant for some users.

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